Salaries of each cruise ship job position

Working in a cruise ship will definitely give you a good pay. Great wages, salaries and benefits are just some of the features why people go for a cruise ship job. Not only that, your daily expenses are paid by the cruise lines. Free travel, high wages, benefits, what more can you ask for?

Content which varies a cruise ship employee depending on the area they work, what they do, and their positions. Entry level positions are enormous. Even if it only gets a starting amount of content, it is still higher than what earn you a land job. Most cruise lines give salaries to their employees in a monthly basis. All ship jobs gets the mode of payment that no country can match an ordinary job career. Here are some of the common and average minimum wage for various cruise ship jobs. They are of the type of work categorized base.

Maintenance Deck and Engineering Department: Responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ship.

Able Seaman Entry Level – Salary $ 1800-1900/month.

Assistant Cabin Steward Stewardess – Salary $ 1800-2000/month.

Assistant Cruise Director – Salary $ 2600-2800/month.

Cabin Steward Stewardess – Salary $ 1400-2400/month.

Electricians – Salary $ 2000-2600/month.

Head Room Steward – Salary $ 2000-2800/month.

Radio officer – salary $ 2400-2800/month.

Safety Officer – Salary $ 2600-3000/month.

IT staff who engaged the ability embraced in troubleshooting and support of the computer system by modern cruise ships.

Computer Systems Hardware Technician – Salary $ 3200-4800/month.

Computer technician – salary $ 3200-4800/month.

Information Systems Manager – $ 5600-7000/month.

Entertainment glamorous job in a cruise ship, offers entertainment for passengers

Show Dancer – salary $ 3000-3600/month.
Singer / band – Salary $ 3200-7000/month.

Lounge Performer – salary $ 4500-7000/month.

Guest Entertainer – Salary $ 3200-7000/month.

Disc Jockey – Salary $ 1800-2200/month.

Comedians – Salary $ 1600-2800/month.

Restaurant and Hospitality manages the restaurants, bars and accommodation of passengers

Assistant Pastry Chef salary $ 1400-1600/month.

Bar Manager – Salary $ 3000-3800/month.

Bar Waiter Waitress – salary $ 1800-3000/month.

Bartender – salary $ 1800-2800/month.

Bell Boy – salary $ 1400-1800/month.
Concierge – salary $ 1600-2200/month.
Busboy – Salary $ 1200-1400/month.
Butcher – salary $ 1500-2000/month.

Chief Housekeeper – Salary $ 3400-4000/month.
Cleaner – salary $ 900-1600/month.

Florist – salary $ 1600-2000/month.

Food and Beverage Manager – Salary $ 3000-3800/month.

Head Chef – Salary $ 4500-5000/month ..

Head Waiter Waitress – salary $ 2800-3200/month.
Host / Hostess – Salary $ 900-1600/month.

Restaurant Manager – Salary $ 2600-3400/month.

Receptionist – Salary $ 1800/2600/month.

Health and Fitness cares about the health of the passengers, the sty health using the facilities inside the ship will

Aerobic / Fitness Instructor Salary $ 1900-2000/month.

Nurse – Salary $ 2800-3800/month.

Massage Therapist – Salary $ 2800-3600/month.
Nail Technician – Salary $ 2400-3000/month.

Beautician – Salary $ 2200-3200/month.
Hairstylist – salary $ 2400-3200/month.

Recreation-the area where most cruiser turn when looking for some cool and time-consuming activities such as casino games and Diving

Scuba Diving Instructor – $ 1800-2400/month content.
Lifeguard / lifeguard – Salary $ 1600-1800/month.

Photographer – Salary $ 2000-2200/month.

Casino Cashier – Salary $ 1,600 – 2600/month.
Casino Dealers – Salary $ 1600-2800/month.

Office jobs for those who have offered in office management, knowledge

Accountant – Salary $ 3400-3600/month.